Most enthusiasts have a view about how times at nearby tracks compares with those at their local track but doing so for every track is a challenge even for the best informed and so the "Drop-down" Table below is designed to answer this problem.

This Table provides a simple means of converting "going adjusted" times ("EST TIMES" at Irish tracks) to the equivalent time at another track, together with the related Rating. The conversion factors and Ratings are provided and updated by CHESTER who previously posted time data on the Belle Vue Owners Forum but that site could not operate an interactive system.

Simply select a track, distance and enter a recorded time, then select a track and distance for comparison and then click "Convert" for the comparative time and Rating.


(i) Conversions relate to the current track conditions at each track.

(ii) Going adjusted times can be affected by a variety of factors such as the installation of new traps, changes to phototiming, track changes and changes to the basis of going allowances.

(iii) Comparative times and Ratings for Nottingham take account of the significant reduction in going allowances (40 spots for the standard trip) for races after 1st July 2020.

(iv) Comparative times and Ratings for Shelbourne Park and Mullingar take account of the fact that the tracks are running faster since the bends were re-banked before the resumption of racing on 19th June 2020.

NB. Please also refer to the IMPORTANT NOTES explaining the limitations of the time conversions and Ratings

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