Notes about the Chester Ratings

We have collaborated with Chester of the Belle Vue Owners Forum to allow us to provide you with ratings for greyhounds racing on GBGB tracks and we currently have ratings for all races at GBGB tracks from 1st January 2015. These ratings appear on a number of our stats pages.

Ratings are simply an expression of "going adjusted" times in Points, with a 100 Rating reflecting an A1/Open Class time. Ratings are derived from statistical analyses of going adjusted times (EST times at Irish tracks) recorded by Open class greyhounds having multiple races at different tracks.

Greyhounds are best judged by their Ratings generally and too much emphasis should not be placed on a single Rating. The interpretation and application of the Ratings and related comparative times requires an understanding of the limitations of Ratings as an element of personal judgement is required for reasons such as the following:

  1. A high Rating achieved either in a race against low class opposition, in a Trial or by an "ungenuine" greyhound chasing a fast winner may not be repeated in a race against good opposition.
  2. Ratings take no account of time lost in running i.e crowding etc.
  3. Greyhounds may either be favoured or disadvantaged by a particular track e.g. shape of circuit, type of traps or lure etc.
  4. A Rating over, say, Romford's 400m is unlikely to be repeated over Hove's 515m unless by a staying greyhound.
  5. Ratings can only be as reliable as the declared going adjusted time. Whilst "going allowances" at British tracks are generally a fair guide there are exceptions particularly at Open race meetings where the Racing Manager has fewer reliable markers. Caution is particularly necessary where the going is very Fast or very Slow, particularly for six and eight bend races where the margin for error is greater.
  6. Ratings for Irish races need to be treated with extreme caution. At Irish tracks "EST" times reflect an allowance combining both any IGB Grading Allowance for the particular track and also any going allowance declared to reflect the going on the night. To determine whether a going allowance has been declared you need to know the Grading Allowance for the track and even then the fact that no going allowance was declared does not mean the going was Normal as Irish tracks, unlike British tracks, are very inconsistent in the declaration of going allowances.
    NB/ Given these limitations buyers are advised against purchasing a greyhound from Ireland based on a single run unless buying from a trusted source.

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